Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Best Way to Spend Christmas Day in London

What can you do on the Boring Christmas Day in your city when you are not celebrating Christmas or away from your family and loved ones? When the public transport is not running, when people are staying at home watching TV? or away on holiday on this last of the holiday of the year? and because of that the city is deserted? Here is the answer! Go on a City tour, of course! and take a great camera with you and few friends. Take really dramatic pictures with  your friends near famous landmarks and on empty streets!! Here is mine from today's trip around London.

This is how it went.

We Started at Highbury & Islington Station, literally! where we pickup our cameraman Andrey.

There was an interesting pub next to the station, called "The Famous Cock!" what you do? of course, you take pictures.

It was still boring, so we thought let's make it bit more interesting! And wallah!! 

Time to move to the next destination. St Pauls!

Next stop! A street near St Pauls, and try to bring out some props! Guitar to be precise.

Brotherhood on Street.


Next Destination.. London Wall!


and Of course, towards Museum of London..

Next Stop!! The Gherkin.. and bring out more props!!

And more...

Trying to pretend like Bankers 

Banker again.. Checking my stocks!

And look who we met there? Of course, The Chinese bankers!

Time to move.. to the real bank! The Bank Of England! Of course, through back alleys!

some more..

Next stop, The famous, Big Ben from Westminster Bridge!

Time for some International Travel..

While Parking it behind a police car!

Time to complete the Circle of Life!! Start at Tube station, End at Tube Station! King's Cross this time.

So, next time, when you think what you will be doing on a boring Christmas day in London or where ever you are? Go on City Tour with your best camera, few friends and create an unforgettable story, Starring YOU!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

10 things I as an Indian man must do to stop the rape and sexual harassment of women in India.

10 things I as an Indian man must do to stop the rape and sexual harassment of women in India.

1. Look up, look in the eyes, not at her chest. You are making her uncomfortable. Look away or walk away.

2. Don’t ask her to wear something decent. It’s her body, it’s her choice. Clean up your filthy mind and control your penis rather than try to cover her cleavage, naval or thighs.

3. ... She is a women, she has breasts and vagina. Get over it!

4. Don’t drool or scratch your balls or piss in public, don’t stare and don’t make lewd comments to a girl. It’s not normal, if you think it is then, somebody else is doing same with your sister/mother/wife/girlfriend. If you stop, and ask your friends and family to stop that’s one less harassment for them and soon it will be everyone who will stop.

5. Rape is not a weapon to punish, to relieve your sexual frustration or showing her who is the boss. It’s a crime punishable by severe jail terms, social boycott of you and your family, even by death. So think about your life, your family, your future, your kids, mother, father, wife, sisters what will happen to them if you get caught? Is ruining your or their life is worth 15 minutes of fun or anger release?

6. Revealing clothes, male friends, friendly behaviour, partying, late nights, drinking or smoking does not equate to loose or morally degraded women and it’s definitely NOT an invitation to rape! No, it’s not! However, if you think that, then it definitely means you are a mentally sick person with tendency to rape and you belong to a mental institute, or will end up in jail sooner or later.

7. If you like someone, be a gentleman and ask her out politely, if she refuses then move on. Do not obsess over it or feel offended.

8. Being friendly and helpful is the best way to attract women, be a friend first before thinking about making her your Juliet, again if she refuses, move on, do not obsess over it. It just means the love of your life is somewhere else, someone else, don’t be lazy, keep looking.

9. If you are looking for sex, pay for it, get married or have a girlfriend. But remember, When she says NO, NO MEANS NO.

10. It’s not the city or night which are unsafe for our sisters, wife and mothers. it’s us men, our attitude towards women is unsafe for them. Change that and the city and night will automatically be safe for them.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maa bharati re...

Baahe failaye.. kab se khadi aarati liye,
Ek tu kadam badhaye, ek main..
Raah dekh rahi Maa bharati re...

Tu pahele, main pahele...
Tera dharam, mera dharam...

Tu zutha, main saccha..
Koi na chhode apana bharam..

Bharam ek tuta abhi,
Maa baithi aasu saarati re!!

Mandir loota, masjit toota..
Chaahe tu jeeta, yaa main jeeta...

Haari hamesha....
Maa bharati re...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sharepoint and Accessibility

I am currently working on Accessibility in SharePoint which I find very interesting area of SharePoint considering the fact that out of the box sharepoint is not really Accessibility compliant. Currently I have published an article on sharePoint and Accessibility on my professional blog ecmlounge.

Please visit my blog ecmlounge to

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

२० सोंग्स तो लिस्टें बेफोरे यू डाय

I read couple of reviews under this section and found out that most of them are talking about same bands, even same songs! Looks like English music scene in India is just frozen! It's the same songs which my dad liked and then I liked 15 years ago and now the new collage kids likes.. Talking about "Another brick in the wall" ;-). Well on that note, I have decided to put my 2 paisa in this subject, as have travelled around quite a bit and listened to different types of music during my stays at different places. I just want to introduce to you some of the great songs and singers I've listened so far..

1. Your Body is Wonderland By John Mayer
An amazing love song by John Mayer, I love John Mayer's all the albums and almost all the songs from his albums, clearly today's best guitar based singer.

2. Upside Down By Jack Johnson
Amazing song about hope and innocence, Jack Johnson is my favourite Beach Singer[!!].. just see his videos and you will know what I mean and also the fact is that he was a pro surfer.. The best wake up song..

3. Out of my head by Fastball
One of my all time favourite songs since long, amazingly bitter and sarcasm in the song.

4. No Rain by Blind Melon
Another one of my alltime favourite songs, amazing lyrics and video.

5. Big yellow taxi by Counting Crows
Amazing song, with universal appeal, the voice of counting crow is one of the best I've heard.

6. Sunrise by Norah Jones
My good morning song, anyday anytime, makes me feel like it's morning again...

7. New York City by Norah Jones
Surprisingly very little known Song from the grammy winner and daughter of Pt. Ravi Shankar, Norah Jones. Amazing song about New York City, amazing voice and mood in the song, listen it in the evening or whenever you are in New York, you will feel strange emotions in your heart, one of the best Jazz songs I've ever heard.

7. Ride Wit Me by Nelly
I just love Nelly and the fun way he sings his songs, this one is the first one I've ever heard and fell in love instantly... One of the best road trip songs..

8. Without Me by Eminem
The best fun party song, if you are in a night club or a pub or in party at friends, this song can make you laugh at the same times dance :-)

9. Complicated By Averil Lavign
First hit from Averil Lavigne, Amazing lyrics, energy and fun song..

10. My Father's Eyes by Eric Clapton
This song made me cry and I missed my father when I was in Microsoft Seminar. Amazing lyrics, guitar pieces and heavenly voice of Eric Clapton, everything is right for this song.

11. Dancing with my Father by Luther Vandross
Real eye watering song, if you love your dad [or not], just listen to it and I will guarantee you will run back to him and will tell him how you love him and miss him. Give it a try.

12. In the end by Linkin Park
One of my rebel songs, whenever I feel like F**k the world moment, I listen to this song.. great punk rock song of our time.

13 Where is the love? by Black Eyed Peas
If music can unite the world and make people think about their action or motivate them to act towards world peace, this is it. It's our time's Imagine [by John Lennon]. This is closest you get to gandhiji's vision of non-violence in today's world.

14.Clint Eastwood by Gorrilaz
When I am down and want to sing to the world that the future is mine.. I will be humming first few lines of this song...

15. Take me home [country roads] by John Denver
Ask any person who is away from his mother land, which song reminds him/her about his country the most.. and 9 out of 10 will say Take me home [country roads]. All time great "Pardesi" angrezzee song.. :-)

16. Burn by Usher
Well, this might be an odd choice, but I wanted to tell you that User is one of the great showman of today's world, I don't know if you heard his songs or not, but they are really catchy and the guy is amazing dancer and performer.

17. Rockstar by Nickelback
This is one of the new songs, I fell in love with when I first heard and the video is also really fun to watch.. for all the Rockstar wanna bes and the dreamers who wants to concur the world, here is the song for you!!

18. Any Lucky Penny by Nikki Hassman
Love song can't be better than this.. the ultimate love song, Just the fullstop of love song. Your search for the best of the best of the best of the best love song, ends here.. and surprisingly, nobody knows about it!!

19. Diamonds on the inside - Ben Harper
If you haven't heard Ben Harper, live or in CD then you have missed out one of the biggest musical pleasures in the life. One of his finest songs but no means only, he has loads and loads of them to chose from like one of my other favourites "steal my kisses" or sexual healing... great, great singer of our times.

20.Waiting on the world to change
Another one of John Mayer's best.. Just for the people who are in the transit phase :-) Just a gem.

Hope you liked my compilation of 20 english songs to hear b4 u Die!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

सिंघ इस किंग इस मिराक्लेस इस अ पोच्केत्फुल ऑफ़ miracles

Yes, The story and scenes are shameless copy of 1989 Jackie chan writed, acted and directed movie named "Miracles", which was also a variation of Frank Capra’s "A pocketful of Miracles".

Jackie Chan’s Hong Kong variation of Frank Capra’s "A Pocketful of Miracles" set in the 1930s. Jackie plays a country boy who rescues a gang boss. Jackie becomes the head of a gang through the purchase of some lucky roses from an old lady. Jackie and a singer at the gang’s nightclub try to do a good deed for the old rose-seller when her daughter comes to visit, all this while battling a rival gang. And this is a story of Singh is Kinng.

Enough about the "inspiration" part. Let’s talk about the movie, once you overlook this so called inspiration [or shameless copy], the movie is not that bad, it’s actually a good timepass.

Akshay Kumar [Happy] is a bachalor who lives in a same village Dharmendra is from [in reality], Happy always tries to help everybody but ending up creating chaos in people’s lives, so the villagers [Om puri, Guggi and Khayali] draws a plan where they send Happy to bring back Don called "King" who is originally from their village to visit King’s sick parents who are still staying in the village. So Akshay and Om puri setout to bring back King from Australia and accidently board a flight to Egypt where he meets Katrina before flying back to Australia. From here on the movie follows the exact same line as the Jackie Chan movie.

Here the gang boss is "King", the rose lady is played by Kirron Kher, the dauther and his fiance is played by Katrina Kaif [otherwise how Akshay will meet his heroine Katrina] and Ranbir. There is also Jaaved Jaafri as King’s partially blind and deaf brother, who is really funny and also Neha Dhupia, such a waste of great actress and hot body :-). There are still really funny moments in the movie though. Direction wise Anees Bazmee is becoming a new Priyadarshan..

The punjabi words sometimes are not understandable [ofcourse as I am not punjabi], but still the whole punjabi accent and the loudness is really cute and funny.

The music is nice but couple of songs were so loud, specially bass that the theatre speakers were destorting. The end song sung by Snoop Dogg was good.

Katrina and Akshay looked nice as always, Ompuri was doing justice to his role, Neha Dhupia was a wasting her talent in a no good role, other casts were just fillers.

Overall one time watch, and may be it will get repeat audience as it’s classed as a comedy with good music and you are not getting bored while watching the movie.

Plot Revealed In The Review: Revealed in detail
Best to watch with: Friends
Movie Genre: Comedy
Best part in the movie: Plot

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

सिक्यूरिटी ऑफ़ सिटिज़न्स ऑफ़ India. व्हो इस रेस्पोंसीबले?

Government or security agencies in India are not doing enough, nobody is taking any responsibility when ordinary citizens blown to the bits by the bombs... neither governments nor the security agencies!! The sufferers?? my family and yours! Politicians and celebrity [like MS Dhony] are safe behind their Z plus security, religious leaders and businessmen are secure behind their followers and security guards, police is secure just being police!! and Army is secured in their barracks and with their guns, is my family secure in anyways NO!! One bomb blast after another, people like you and me die in dozens but no arrests, no concrete leads, no justice... one standard response from authorities, Pakistan is behind it, ISI is behind it, HuJi is behind it, LeT is behind it, SIMI is behind it or Naxalites are behind it or LTTE is behind it.. but who is being prosecuted? how many, did it stop? America just had 1 terrorist attack 9/11, till today have you heard that anther terrorist attack has happened in US after that? They are blowing the whole country away in Iraq and Afghanistan, but did any militancy organisation had done even 1/100th of what the terrorists are doing in India?
It's time to get the answers of this question, A citizen of India's security is whose responsibility? Why aren't we like America, how dare anybody can kill my own country man, I didn't think before that I will say this, I like George Bush' policy, of fighting the terrorist in their own terretory [country], and keep them away from my home, If our oh, so capable security agency always knows [sometimes within half an hour of the attack!!] that it's LeT or HuJi or ISI why don't they stop them like America did, the way they stopped Taliban etc in their own backyard and dont let them come to my home and blow my family to bits..
I think it's not the time to think about it, it's time to DO something about it and ask questions to our governments and security agencies and get answers, no enquiry commissions or fake arrests... results and security for each and every citizen of the country and justice for all who died, hurt or lost their property or loved ones and punish the culprits...
I need my government answerable to me, otherwise there is no need for it, does it! I need my security agencies, police and intelligence agencies answerable, need somebody to take the responsibility of my and my family's security, if they are not capable then give me the guns and I will do it myself, in that case I don't need a government, a security agency, police or nobody to tell me how to protect my family... Let there be a jungle raaj.. I am up for it! Bring it on!

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